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Improve your workflow and get more done faster with SmallBuilder products.
Trusted by Salesforce.
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Four SmallBuilder products make
Salesforce easier to customize

Each one has been designed to help you get more done faster in Salesforce, with no-code options and designed for compatibility with each other and your own Flow components.

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Line Items

Improve your Salesforce workflows by making anything a line item. Improve product configurators for Opportunities, Orders and Quotes. Integrate external data into your line-item views.

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SmallBuilder Documents

Quickly create and deliver any kind of custom document in Salesforce. Works with both standard and custom Salesforce objects.

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SmallBuilder Lists

Quickly look up data with custom filters. Integrate external data into your list view.
Download the list to Excel or connect a Flow to process the selected data.

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SmallBuilder Schedules

Easily manage shipping, billing and maintenance schedules, on standard objects like Opportunity and Work Order, as well as on any custom object.

SmallBuilder Schedules

Who are you?

I'm a manager / decision maker

SmallBuilder products speed up your team's processes in Salesforce by helping your admins to customize their workflows.
It's easy to set up with no coding required.
It's safe (we don't touch your data, which stays in your Salesforce) and approved by Salesforce AppExchange.

I'm a Salesforce admin

SmallBuilder products give you more power and flexibility to customize your Salesforce.
It's easy to set up with no coding required, but supports extension via coding.
You can see how easy it is by trying our products for free today, and you can use our convenient examples and help guide.

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