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기회 또는 견적에서 제품 추가와 같은 Line-Item Configurator는 사용자가 여러 라인 항목을 검색, 추가, 편집 및 삭제할 수 있도록 하여 사용자 업무 효율성을 향상시킵니다.

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Make anything a line item

Salesforce allows you to add products as line items to Opportunities, Orders and Quotes.

With SmallBuilder, now you can add any object as a line item on any other page, unlocking advanced customization possibilities to make your workflows better and faster.

Supports all objects, even your custom-made ones

Any standard Salesforce or custom object that is correctly junctioned can be added as a line item to any other.

Add multiple child records to orders, contracts, expenses, anything you need to support your business.

Customize your workflow
No code
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Easy CPQ tools without code

Get more control over your operations in Salesforce with these common CPQ features

Customize orders while they're being booked

Give your team powerful product option settings right in their workflow, for more detailed orders and bookings.

Automatic discount calculation and updates

Give your team the flexibility to adjust discounts on-the-fly with automatic updates, and control how these are calculated and displayed.

Compatible with our easy scheduler

Add payment and delivery schedules easily with SmallBuilder Schedules

Easy to use
No code

Bring your data into Salesforce

Speed up your team's workflow by showing them everything they need on the same page.

Bring any internal or external data into your Salesforce line items.

Control what data is displayed and the format.

Real-time integration

Invoke custom Apex code to integrate with external systems in real-time

Show your inventory data alongside quotes and orders, or part stock levels alongside work orders, etc

Save time for users
Extensible with code
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Simple pricing.

30 day trialFull license
Billed annually
user / mouser / mo
All features unlocked
Access to samples to get started easily
Access to documentation and how-to videos
Customer support

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